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Apartment owners have ‘more consumer protection buying a toaster’


June 25, 2019 21:35:00
The quality of new apartment buildings has been in the spotlight since residents of Mascot Towers in Sydney were forced to evacuate more than a week ago.Key points:Apartment owners around Australia say they are being left to foot the bill for poor-quality constructionJohn Grant’s apartment building in Canberra has a defect bill estimated at $9 millionMelbourne apartment owner Andy White says the Government needs to step in It follows on from the emergency evacuation of the 3,000 residents of Opal Towers late last year after beams collapsed.But the safety of new apartment buildings is not just an issue confined to Sydney.7.30 has spoken to owners around Australia who are worried they are living in structurally unsound buildings, with little choice but to pay for the defects themselves.John Grant purchased an off-the-plan investment property in Canberra for $640,000 in 2011. But soon afterwards cracks began to spread throughout the apartment car park.

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